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James Paget, 20th-century U.S. physiologist. See: Henry-Gauer response.


Joseph, U.S. physicist, 1797-1878. See: Dalton-Henry law.


William, British chemist, 1774-1836. See: Henry law.

hen·ry (H),

The unit of electrical inductance, when 1 V is induced by a change in current of 1 ampere/sec.
[Joseph Henry]
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(H) (hen'rē)
The unit of electrical inductance, when 1 volt is induced by a change in current of 1 ampere/second.
[Joseph Henry]
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References in classic literature ?
"Well, what's the date of the wedding?" said Henry, the malicious mood now predominating.
"I don't think I ever do consider things like the stars," Henry replied.
"You an' me, Henry, when we die, we'll be lucky if we get enough stones over our carcases to keep the dogs off of us."
"But we ain't got people an' money an' all the rest, like him," Henry rejoined.
Henry looked at her, and at once penetrated her motive for asking the question.
She waited a little to get the announcement of the legacy well settled in her mind-- and then she said quietly, 'Master Henry, who gives me that money, if you please?'
"Henry, you look like a play-actor," announced Aunt Em, looking at her husband critically.
Sir Henry put out all his enormous strength, and Good and I did the same, with such power as nature had given us.
"Oh, please don't, Lord Henry. I see that Basil is in one of his sulky moods, and I can't bear him when he sulks.
De Vac he knew to be too jealous of his fame as a swordsman to permit himself to be overcome by aught but superior skill, and this day Henry felt that he could best the devil himself.
And she can wish me transported to Uncle Henry without losing the belt."
He went; and, it being at any time a much simpler operation to Catherine to doubt her own judgment than Henry's, she was very soon obliged to give him credit for being right, however disagreeable to her his going.