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The distribution and exchange of bangles and henna as gifts among the girls on Eid is an old tradition of Peshawar, which are adding a unique colour to Eid celebrations.
A survey conducted by APP in different markets here Friday revealed great rush of buyers especially of girls is being seen in the henna and bangles' stalls in the lucrative market of Peshawar, where shopping activities has picked up momentum.
The shopkeepers selling daily goods and book sellers have setup additional stalls of bangles and henna to cash on the situation keeping in view of the great rush of girls towards these items.
Sumbul, a girl busy in shopping in the Deans Trade Centre told reporter that she came here from Nowshera to buy bangles and henna for herself, relatives and friends.
She said, 'buying shimmering glass bangles match with beautiful colours of dresses and adorning hands and feet with henna being essential features of eid festivities multiply her joys.'
Samina, 25, who came along with his father for shopping at Gora Bazaar told reporter that shopping of bangles and henna has always doubled her joy on Eid.
Officers from trading standards believe more products on sale in Newcastle could contain a cheap black hair dye instead of genuine henna.
Traditional non-harmful henna is orange or red in colour while the "black henna" available on Tyneside contains the hair dye chemical.
And they urged users to stick with the traditional henna kits which are not harmful.