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The leaves of the Egyptian privet, Lawsonia inermis; used as a cosmetic and hair dye.
[Ar. hennā]
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In Rawalpindi, many customers complained about the quality of glass bangles and henna.
'Without henna and bangles, my Eid seems incomplete,' she said, adding her main purpose of Peshawar's visit to decorate her hands with henna's experts as they knew about latest eye-catching designs and fashion trends.
"I think this also inspired me to try henna again, to give it another chance, but with something that I like, something that I wanted," she told Arab News.
Henna is a way of celebrating the happiness, she says and adds that she is always fully booked in the run up to Eid.
Henna, who grew up in Thornton Lodge with her three younger brothers, told how her passion to help others was ignited.
The Henna Painting -- Level 1 Workshop comes in line with BTEA's continual efforts to preserve traditional handicrafts and local industries, hosting a variety of training courses throughout the year in order to continue to pass on the unique skills and knowledge of traditional crafts from one generation to the next.
Leanne, from Consett, County Durham, said: "We knew nothing about the dangers of black henna tattoos, when I finally Googled it my blood ran cold.
But now the 30-year-old feels "pretty again" after being given a henna crown and is turning heads with her new style.
KARACHI -- Senior skin specialist and Chief Medical Officer of Institute of Skin Diseases Dr Qamar Iqbal Chandio has warned that applying substandard henna products can disfigure girls and women owing to their sensitive skin.
KARACHI -- Senior Skin Specialist and Chief Medical Officer of Institute of Skin Diseases, Karachi, Dr Qamar Iqbal Chandio warned that applying substandard Henna (Mehndi) products can disfigure girls and women owing to their sensitive kind of skin.
Summary: Students decorated their hands with henna to celebrate a Hindu festival in Jharkand
Whether it's a wedding season or Eid celebrations, henna (Mehndi) is always a must and is an integral part of the South Asian wedding festivities.