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The leaves of the Egyptian privet, Lawsonia inermis; used as a cosmetic and hair dye.
[Ar. hennā]
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Natural henna is derived from a plant and gives a more orange-red colour, whereas black henna can contain the chemical PPD which is illegal for use in temporary tattoos because it can be dangerous and is a common allergen for certain individuals.
Samia Qaiser, a young girl who was busy shopping in the Deans Trade Centre told on Tuesday that she came here from Nowshera to buy variety of bangles and henna for herself and friends.
Tables 4, 5 and 6 suggest that the maximum loss was exerted by 1500 ppm Pyridalyl mixed with 3000 ppm Henna to 1st, 2nd and 3rd ages of Spodoptera exigua larvae.
Figures show that only four salons were caught in violations, compared with 30 offences registered against salons using black henna in 2012.
Also, the government had last year required all women's salons to put up a 20X40 board advising customers not to use black/coloured henna on the skin, eyelids and eyelashes.
Dubai, Aug 08 ( ANI ): A senior official of Abu Dhabi Municipality has warned that black henna contains toxic chemicals which can cause burns, allergic reactions and can be fatal if used extensively.
The centre charges about Dh20 for a side of henna on one hand, and all 15 artists are constantly busy.
After the film screening Satona became very famous and she earned a reputation as the top henna painter for brides.
REGULATIONS REQUIRE WARNINGS Two of the henna products seized
Having a complete range of facilities for living and entertainment, Henna has a length of 223 m, a width of 31 m and 739 cabins for 1,965 passengers.
The municipality made a special note of the increased use of henna, reminding salons to be on the lookout for unsafe henna blends.
However, most don't realize the negative effects of chemicals added to natural henna.