anal cushions

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a·nal cushions

vascular prominences formed by clusters of normally sacculated veins of the superior rectal venous plexus, fed by arteriovenous anastomoses that cause their engorgement; are usually found to lie laterally on the left and antero- and posterolaterally on the right side of the anal canal.
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Stapled hemorrhoidopexy is done with a circular stapler device, which circumferentially removes the mucosa and submucosa above the hemorrhoidal cushions. (1) Many studies have reported low pain, short hospital stay, and early return to work in comparison with conventional hemorrhoidectomy, (3) which accounts for the inclination among patients toward stapled hemorrhoidopexy.
Routine ligation of all arteries in the rectal column may be unnecessary and ligation of only the visible hemorrhoidal cushions seems to be feasible.