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1. Relating to hemorrhoids.
2. Formerly applied to certain arteries and veins supplying the region of the rectum and anus, currently described by "anal" or "rectal."


1. Relating to hemorrhoids.
2. Supplying the region of the rectum and anus. Used of certain arteries.


Relating to hemorrhoids.
Synonym(s): haemorrhoidal.


1. Relating to hemorrhoids.
2. Pert. to anal structures, e.g., inferior hemorrhoidal nerve, hemorrhoidal venous plexuses, and inferior hemorrhoidal arteries, etc.

Patient discussion about hemorrhoidal

Q. What are hemorrhoids?

A. Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the anal canal. This common problem can be painful, but it’s usually not serious.

Veins can swell inside the anal canal to form internal hemorrhoids. Or they can swell near the opening of the anus to form external hemorrhoids. You can have both types at the same time. The symptoms and treatment depend on which type you have.

Source: WebMD

Q. What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids? My husband complains that when he goes to the bathroom he bleeds. Does this mean he has hemorrhoids?

A. The commonest symptom of internal hemorrhoids is bright red blood in the toilet bowl or on one's feces or toilet paper. However, Many anorectal problems, including fissures, fistulae, abscesses, or irritation and itching (pruritus ani), have similar symptoms and are incorrectly referred to as hemorrhoids. If he is also in pain, then go see a Doctor.

Q. How to prevent Hemorrhoids? My brother is suffering from Hemorrhoids. I am very worried about getting them to and want to know how can I prevent them?

A. it's time to change to a healthier diet..one with fibers and vegetables.avoid causes like: Increased straining during bowel movements,portal hypertension, Obesity and Excessive consumption of alcohol or caffeine.

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According to the revised practice parameters for the management of hemorrhoids, surgical treatment should be offered to patients who fail to respond to office-based procedures, patients who are not capable of tolerating office procedures, patients with large external hemorrhoidal disease, or patients with grades III-IV mixed (internal-external) hemorrhoidal disease.
Surgical intervention is reserved for patients with grades III and IV hemorrhoidal disease.
In one patient, high-grade intraepithelial neoplasia (anal intraepithelial neoplasia grade 3 [AIN 3]) of the transition zone of the anal canal was incidentally discovered in the hemorrhoidal specimen.
Hemorrhoidal disease can have a substantially negative impact on a patient s quality of life and social well-being.
More than half of men and women aged 50 years and older will develop hemorrhoidal symptoms throughout their lifetime.
26) Residual hemorrhoidal tissue following an episode of acute thrombosis of external hemorrhoids also may cause symptoms, especially pruritus.
Source: IRI/Racher Press research Hemorrhoidal Cream/Ointment/Spray Total Dollar Sales: $107.
You want the internal anal sphincter to relax to decrease swelling and allow the hemorrhoidal tissue to go back up into the anal canal better.
More than 80% of the hemorrhoidal symptoms can usually be controlled by non-excisional techniques.
During the first 2 days after hemorrhoidal ligation, 25 patients who underwent multiple synchronous ligations with the new anoscope had significantly less discomfort than 25 patients who had conventional multiple hemorrhoidal ligations.
Stage IV hemorrhoidal disease is easily distinguished from rectal prolapse because prolapse features circular folds of tissue that come straight out toward the examiner.