hemorrhagic infarct

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a localized area of ischemic necrosis produced by anoxia following occlusion of the arterial supply or the venous drainage of the tissue, organ, or part.
anemic infarct one due to sudden interruption of arterial circulation to the area.
hemorrhagic infarct one that is red owing to oozing of erythrocytes into the injured area.
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hem·or·rhag·ic in·farct

an infarct red in color from infiltration of blood from collateral vessels into the necrotic area.
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hem·or·rhag·ic in·farct

(hem'ŏr-aj'ik in'fahrkt)
An infarct that turns red due to infiltration of blood from collateral vessels into the necrotic area.
Synonym(s): haemorrhagic infarct.
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P value of <.05 was considered as significant n: number of patients; SD: standard deviation; HT: hemorrhagic transformation; HI: hemorrhagic infarct; PH: parenchymal infarct; aHT: asymptomatic hemorrhagic infarction; sHT: symptomatic hemorrhagic infarction; SBP: systolic blood pressure; DBP: diastolic blood pressure; Hgb: hemoglobin; TC: total cholesterol; LDL-C: low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol; HDL-C: high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol; TG: triglycerides; PLT: platelet Table 3.
We found (Table 1) two patients with primary CBS deficiency: a 12-year-old girl with marfanoid phenotype and cataracts and a 6-month-old male with fatal hemorrhagic infarct. Moreover, we found a patient with a probable defect of cobalamin metabolism (CblE or CblG), with isolated homocystinuria associated with megaloblastic anemia.
Might some of the highest GFAP values in the IschSt group have been hemorrhagic infarcts? Were the lowest GFAP values in the ICH group due to small ICHs in clinically sensitive regions such as the pons, or were they due to those individuals who were less symptomatic per volume for hemorrhages from arteriovenous malformations?