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Unfortunately, hemopathy is illegal and the sinister Hemopath Protection Agency (HPA) seizes its practitioners, sending them to facilities like the grim Haversham Asylum for Afflictions of the Blood.
To prevent other confounding factors, immunodeficient patients were excluded: those infected with HIV; those with congenital immunodeficiency, malignant hemopathy, organ or stem cell transplants; those receiving systemic corticosteroid therapy for >3 weeks; and those undergoing another immunosuppressive treatment.
The explanation may be low cholesterol synthesis during infection with hepatitis C8 and high cholesterol needs of the leukemia cells which they use for their own proliferation.9We expect that during the antiviral therapy the patient will be predisposed to the occurrence of malignant hemopathy relapse by increasing choles- terol available for leukemic cells.
(1998) reported respiratory tract inflammation and hemopathy in manatees dying during extensive 1996 K.