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A parasite that inhabits the bloodstream of the host.
Synonym(s): haemoparasite.
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caerulescens captured in the Extractive Reserve of Cazumba-Iracema, State of Acre, presented parasitism by hemoparasite, intestinal helminths and protozoan, with a predominance of infection with coccidia.
(2010).The hemoparasites identified alone or in combination with others had significantly reduced mean hemoglobin, packed cell volume values, RBC count and platelets counts of infected animals (Table-1).
Blood smear Slide box/ Under an optic staining Environmental microscope (Carl temperature Zeiss[R], Standard 20 model), with 100x immersion lens, 20 fields of each smear were observed in search of hemoparasite presence.
The laboratory tests most often used (frequency of uses: test mean per patient) in patients with dengue and SD were platelet count (Dengue: 2,517; SD: 3,893), hemogram (dengue: 1.736; SD: 2.625), and hemoparasites (dengue: 0.977; SD: 1.054).
Hemoparasite infections in 830 wild animals from the Eastern llanos of Colombia.
Ectoparasite and hemoparasite infection in a diverse temperate lizard assemblage at Macres Flat, South Island, New Zealand.
Hemoparasite and leukocyte levels were estimated in five randomly chosen fields at 400X magnification (Russo et al.
Thin blood smears were prepared from ear vein of all animals and stained with Giemsa stain to observe under light microscope for presence of intraerythrocytic stages of hemoparasite. Blood samples were collected from jugular vein into [K.sub.3]EDTA-vacutainers for determination of hematological parameters using automatic blood analyzer and Clot activator-vacutainers to determine serum biochemical parameters using semi-automatic clinical chemistry serum analyzer.
(2004) who reported prevalence of hemoparasite 52.3% in Jos and south east Bouchi while Opera and Wokedi (2011) also recorded 32% prevalence of Anaplasma ovis in the small ruminants.
Seasonal incidence and hemoparasite infections rates of Ixodid ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) detached from cattle in Costa Rica.