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Condition of a specimen of plasma or serum that has broken blood cells dissolved in it.
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For statistical analysis, samples were considered hemolyzed if their hemoglobin concentration was greater than 0.
When recentrifuged, the hemolyzed serum blends with the untainted scrum observed at the draw stations and leads to specimen rejection.
Furthermore, we obtained the same results for undiluted WB that was frozen at -70[degrees]C and hemolyzed 10 days later (main study 2).
Samples from the hospital emergency department were excluded because such samples have a high incidence of being grossly hemolyzed (2).
They are typically very lipemic and significantly hemolyzed.
Briefly, whole blood is hemolyzed by addition of an acidic hemolysis solution.
Icteric and hemolyzed serum samples might also be a problem in certain immunoassays (5).
There are also long-term sequalae from exposure to hemolyzed blood, including impaired endothelial function, which further exacerbates the long-term cardiovascular risk for patients on hemodialysis.
why is the liquid portion of their blood sample clear, hemolyzed, icteric or lipemic after its centrifugation)?
Moderately hemolyzed plasma collected in lithium heparin was submitted concurrently for a biochemical profile (Olympus AU400e; Olympus America Inc, Diagnostic Systems Division, Irving, TX, USA) and subsequently interpreted using previously established reference intervals for Amazon parrots (Table 1).
Estimated National Volume of Laboratory Results Affected by Hemolyzed Specimens from Emergency Departments.
2) One study found that hemolyzed samples yielded falsely normal activation partial thromboplastin times (APTTs).