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Condition of a specimen of plasma or serum that has broken blood cells dissolved in it.
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(31) For example, if the first sample is hemolyzed but the second or previous sample is not, the suspicion of in vitro hemolysis is high.
On our Roche platforms, an HI above 300 is reported as grossly hemolyzed and the sample is rejected.
Results of a previous study demonstrated a positive percent change for some biochemical analytes in markedly hemolyzed plasma samples in Amazon parrots.
Grossly lipemic samples may cause falsely elevated results while hemolyzed samples exhibit a negative bias due to interference with color formation in some methods.
We frequently receive hemolyzed blood samples at the Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory, from the Emergency Department at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH).
Indeed, hemolyzed serum showed a false positive result in TAT (Figure 3).
Of the 10 serum samples in Group 1 (Kugluktuk--shot), two were grossly hemolyzed and seven were slightly hemolyzed.
The Confirmation of a Novel Approach to Managing Hemolyzed Specimens
(5) Sickle cell disease usually causes extravascular hemolysis, rather than intravascular hemolysis, as the abnormal sickle-shaped RBCs are hemolyzed in the spleen.
Are too many specimens hemolyzed? Are the drilldowns notable for their scantiness or their abundance?
Five patients were excluded because of a hemolyzed blood sample, two were excluded because they had borderline NASH, and two had alternative diagnoses, which left 39 evaluable patients.