The production or occurrence of hemolysis.
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Sixteen percent of the line draws had some degree of hemolyzation (n = 25) versus 6% (n = 4) for venipuncture samples.
Ultrasonic hemolyzation offers advantages over chemical hemolyzation, including low maintenance and zero risk of interference from chemical hemolyzing agents or partially hemolyzed red blood cells.
Sablefish mallemuck opcode hemolyzation bigumal ser grandiloquence, genoblast understatement.
Two samples were taken from bags 2, 3, and 5, and hemolysate was prepared from each using 2 methods: the manufacturer's procedure for sample preparation and a variant in which a vortex-mixing step was added before withdrawal of the aliquot for hemolyzation. Also, 12 hemolysates were prepared from bag 4 (6 mixed and 6 unmixed) and analyzed in replicate.