hemoglobin S

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he·mo·glo·bin S

an abnormal Hb with substitution of a valyl residue for a glutamyl residue at the sixth position of the β chain; the formula is α2Aβ2S, or, more specifically, α2Aβ26Glu→Val. Heterozygous state: sickle cell trait, no anemia, Hb S 20-45% of total, the rest Hb A. Homozygous state: sickle cell anemia, Hb S 75-100% of total, the rest Hb F or Hb A2.

he·mo·glo·bin S

(Hb S) (hē'mō-glō'bin)
An abnormal hemoglobin that renders erythrocytes subject to sickling and hemolysis at reduced oxygen tension; makes up 70-100% of hemoglobin in people with sickle cell anemia.
Synonym(s): sickle cell hemoglobin, haemoglobin S.

Hemoglobin S

Hemoglobin produced in association with the sickle cell trait; the beta-globin molecules of hemoglobin S are defective.
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A. Yes. In that case, you may consider consulting a doctor, since it may result from bleeding that may necessitate treatment.

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