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Relating to the physical aspects of the blood circulation.


Relating to the physical aspects of blood circulation.


(hē″mō-dī-nam′iks) [ hemo- + dynamics]
A study of the forces involved in circulating blood through the body.
hemodynamic, adjectivehemodynamically (-nam′i-k(ă-)lē)
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In addition to the approximately 10 percent of patients who are already undergoing advanced hemodynamic monitoring, Edwards estimates that half of that overall critically ill patient population could benefit from the additional hemodynamic monitoring offered by the FloTrac sensor system, which may optimize therapy by allowing for earlier identification of changing patient conditions.
Cheetah Medical is a fast-growing provider of 100% noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring solutions for the comprehensive care of critically ill patients in hospital intensive care units, emergency departments and in the perioperative surgical setting.
7-07/2f/2-2009-0008 application of code of albert szent-gyE[micro]rgyi clinical center for the first part round tender ecg equipment and treadmill exercise system; 2 part round tender hemodynamic and monitor patient monitor, 3 part round tender other diagnostic tools (viscometer, limb plethysmograph hand ervizsgEilatra transcranial doppler doppler (tcd)) 4 part round tender cerebral oximeter delivery, installation and performance of services related to the subject.
Cheetah Medical, a leading provider of fully noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring solutions for the comprehensive care of patients in challenging clinical care settings, has been granted 510(k) marketing clearance by the U.
provides an opportunity to extend the benefits of hemodynamic optimization, or proper fluid administration and balance within a patient's organs and tissues, to a broader patient population that could benefit from close monitoring, but may not receive it without a noninvasive option.
The system is to be used together with a Hemodynamic registration and information system by Metek (see item 2).
In addition to core hemodynamic parameters including Cardiac Output (CO), Cardiac Index (CI) and Stroke Volume (SV), the Reliant 2.
Cheetah Medical, headquartered in Newton Center, MA, has developed the CHEETAH NICOM Hemodynamic Management System.
The market consists of five sections Lot 1: equipment and central hemodynamic monitoring surveillance for intensive care, and emergency coronary unit (514).
Cheetah helps clinicians maintain appropriate hemodynamic balance in critically ill patients, avoiding the negative consequences associated with fluid overload, or inadequate perfusion.
Contract notice: Supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of hemodynamic bays interventional radiology room
Designed to optimize cath lab efficiency, Xper allows physicians to view 2D, 3D and fluoroscopy alongside MR, CT, ultrasound and hemodynamic data.