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[hemi- + G. morphē, form, shape, + -ic]
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If a crystal with this symmetry is attached to the matrix with its (001) face, then a polar hemimorphic symmetry corresponding to a point group 3m results.
The crystals very commonly display distinct hemimorphic habits, having pyramidal terminations on one end while splaying out into multiple terminations on the opposite end.
Hemimorphic schorl, in particular, displays various stages of crystal growth that are reflected by different episodes of color contrast--orange-brown in the prism sections of the crystal, violet-red at one end, and dark brown on the opposite termination (Rustmeyer and Deyer, 2003).
Large hemimorphic crystals to 1 x 1 cm were found perched on a layer of franckeite on Level 190 south of the Plata vein.
Habit A consists of barrel-shaped or hourglass-shaped, distinctly hemimorphic crystals with a hexagonal cross-section, elongated parallel to the c-axis, and ranging from 5 mm to, exceptionally, 6.5 cm in length.
Habit B is characterized by tapering hemimorphic crystals with a nearly triangular (trigonal) cross-section, with or without a very small triangular {001} pedion.
Habit C crystals are hemimorphic and pseudo-trigonal pyramidal with a hexagonal or nearly trigonal cross-section, and dominant {001} pedions.
This phenomenon is related to the hemimorphic nature of tourmaline, making the surface of one termination more susceptible to dissolution than the other.
Yellow 1-mm crystals which show the rarely seen hemimorphic character of wulfenite occur on "limonite" gossan; the {013} faces are absent from one half of the crystal.