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A site of adhesion between two adjacent cells, such as in the corneal epithelium. It consists of a small, dense body in which the two halves are separated by an intercellular gap filled with extracellular substance. The basal cells are attached at irregular intervals to the underlying basement membrane (adjacent to Bowman's layer) by hemidesmosomes (one half of a desmosome). Thus, scraping off the epithelium usually leaves fragments of the basal cells attached to the basement membrane.
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The cytoplasmic extensions formed connections with each other, and with connective tissue in the form of hemidesmosomes. Although in some areas, these interstitial Cajal-like cells were observed to have basal lamina like homogenous and noncontinuous extracellular substance deposition, it was realized that these cells generally do not have a distinct basal lamina similar with the fibroblasts (Fig.
Our results indicate that the G domain of laminin-5 appears to be essential for both epithelial cell interaction and nucleation of hemidesmosome assembly.
Fingerprint changes are less common and appear as concentric lines due to inadequate formation of hemidesmosomes by the basal epithelial cells and duplication of the epithelial basement membrane.
Other molecules studied by [150] are plakins, which represent a family of molecules which form the links between filaments, desmosomes, and hemidesmosomes and plectin is a cytolinker of this family.
Integrin [alpha]6, extracellular adhesion receptors, is located along the dermal epidermal junction and it means the presence of hemidesmosomes [15].
Sertoli cells were connected to each other by intercellular junctions and they were adherent to the basement membrane by hemidesmosomes. Sertoli cells with euchromatin nuclei and intact cytoplasmic organelles were seen.
The presence of keratinized tissue next to an oral implant presents greater benefits than with natural teeth since the keratinized gingiva has more hemidesmosomes and hence provides greater strength to the implant soft tissue interface; also, the submerged implant is less likely to become exposed during the healing process.
On TEM images, the number of desmosomes (De) of superficial, wing and basal cells and hemidesmosomes (Hd) of the basal cells were evaluated.
Under the zonula occludens and forming an axis in an apical-basal direction are three types of adherence junctions: zonula adherens, also known as belt desmosomes; macula adherens, or punctate desmosomes; and hemidesmosomes. Of these, the first two belong to the adherens junctions, where the adhesion molecules cadherin and catenin are present.
The peptide compound hexapeptide-10 has been shown to stimulate the formation of laminin-5, alpha6-integrin, and hemidesmosomes, (4) vital building blocks of the dermo-epidermal junction that allow it to reconstruct connectivity between epidermal and dermal cells.
It is believed that the pathophisiology of laminitis is related to high degradation of the basement membrane (BM), caused by metalloproteases (MMPs), and/or loss of hemidesmosomes present in the secondary epidermal laminae.