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/hemi·des·mo·some/ (-des´mo-sōm) a structure representing half of a desmosome, found on the basal surface of some epithelial cells, forming the site of attachment between the basal surface of the cell and the basement membrane.


A site of adhesion between two adjacent cells, such as in the corneal epithelium. It consists of a small, dense body in which the two halves are separated by an intercellular gap filled with extracellular substance. The basal cells are attached at irregular intervals to the underlying basement membrane (adjacent to Bowman's layer) by hemidesmosomes (one half of a desmosome). Thus, scraping off the epithelium usually leaves fragments of the basal cells attached to the basement membrane.

hemidesmosome (hem´ēdez´mō-sōm),

n 1. one half of a cell junction (desmosome).
2. the connection site between the surface of the tooth and the epithelium as a part of the epithelial attachment as well as the interface between the epithelium and connective tissues.


see half desmosome.
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The cytoplasmic extensions formed connections with each other, and with connective tissue in the form of hemidesmosomes.
But then he discovered that mutant cells that make lots of hemidesmosomes also make and release large quantities of laminin.
Pre-embedding immunoelectron microscopy of freshly isolated keratinocytes showed that certain hemidesmosomes from aged cells had little or no reaction with anti-beta4-chain antibody.
The authors described this tumor as consisting of intimately associated cells that contained complicated interdigitating processes, desmosomes, and hemidesmosomes, thus creating a jigsaw pattern.
Although the basal cells lose lateral desmosomal contact with their neighbors, the hemidesmosomes are unaffected.