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Any of several iron-containing, oxygen-binding circulatory proteins in certain invertebrates, with molecular weights similar to that of hemoglobin but lacking porphyrin groups.
Synonym(s): haemerythrin.
[hem- + G. erythros, red, + in]
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Cloning and characterization of hemerythrin gene from Sipuncula Phascolosoma esculenta.
Four families of oxygen-binding and/or transporting proteins have been characterized into two major groups: iron based, including hemoglobins (Hbs) and hemerythrins (Hrs), and copper based, including two non-homologous families of hemocyanins (Hcs) (Terwilliger et al., 1976; Burmester, 2002; Coates and Decker, 2017).
A phylogenomic profile of hemerythrins, the nonheme diiron binding respiratory proteins.
They are 10-20 [micro]m diameter, bear the respiratory pigment hemerythrin, are more or less biconvex in shape, and have large lysosomic vacuoles that are variable in number depending on the species (Ochi, 1975).