heme protein

heme pro·tein

(hēm prō'tēn)
Any protein containing an iron-porphyrin (heme) prosthetic group resembling that of hemoglobin.
Synonym(s): haemprotein, haem protein.
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Porphyrins are usually attached to heme protein molecules.
The structure-function relationship and ligand-binding have been intensely studied on holoMb as a typical heme protein.
The primary pigment of myoglobin, a heme protein, is mainly responsible for meat color in animals (Mancini and Hunt, 2005).
Interaction of nitric oxide with heme protein using UV-VIS spectroscopy.
Binding of pyridoxal 5'-phosphate to the heme protein human cystathionine [beta]-synthase.
We know it is an effective siderophore and that it can make increased amounts of iron available from the soil to the rhizobia-plant symbiosis, which helps to make the heme protein in leghaemoglobin.
The ability to prepare a variety of heme iron ligand adducts with H93(3 Mb demonstrates its versatility as a template for the preparation of heme protein model complexes.
The heme protein is a tetramer composed of two copies each of two nonidentical subunits (beta and gamma) and contains 1 mol of ferriheme per mol of protein.
In the present study, we have used magnetic circular dichroism to show that ShuS is a six-coordinate low spin heme protein ligated by histidine and OH.
The antioxidative effect of whey proteins is mainly associated with beta-lactoglobulin and lactoferrin due to their ability to inactivate prooxidative heme proteins (ferrylmyoglobin) and to bind iron [14].
Neither underwent reductive nitrosylation, a typical reaction for heme proteins (3).
When peroxide enters cell, it quickly reacts with heme proteins present in the cell to form hypervalent complexes, which can lead to lipid peroxidation.