hematoxylin bodies

he·ma·tox·y·lin bod·ies

, hematoxyphil bodies
poorly defined, homogeneous basophilic remnants of whole nuclei, so named becaus e of their affinity for hematoxylin stain; an occasional finding in the fixed tissues of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus, but observed more frequently in the renal glomeruli and the walls of blood vessels, and probably related to the LE phenomenon.
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In a subset of cases, hematoxylin bodies are seen, composed of aggregates of nuclear DNA, polysaccharides, and immunoglobulin.
LE cells are neutrophilic phagocytes that contain intracytoplasmic hematoxylin bodies. The hematoxylin bodies are thought to be formed by the opsonization of cells by ANA typically found in SLE patients.
The absence of hematoxylin bodies and neutrophils, the near-absence of plasma cells, and a tendency toward more widespread necrosis are important factors in distinguishing Kikuchi's disease from SLE.