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1. pertaining to blood poisoning.
2. poisonous to the blood and hematopoietic system.
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, hematotoxichematoxic (hē'mō-tok'sik; hē'mă-tō-toks'ik, hem'ă-; hē-mă-toks'ik, hem-ă-),
1. Causing blood poisoning.
2. Synonym(s): hemolytic
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, hematotoxic , hematoxic (hē'mō-tok'sik, hē'mă-tō-toks'ik, hē'mă-toks'ik)
1. Causing blood poisoning.
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According to Wallis, venoms can be divided into two broad classes: those which are hematoxic, causing bleeding, clotting, pain and swelling, for example, and those which are neurotoxic, causing progressive weakness and eventually paralysis, including of the diaphragm, resulting in asphyxia.
Benzene, for instance, has been designated as the most hematoxic gasoline (BTEX) constituent in humans.
These snakes can possess only a neurotoxic venom, which would cause neurologic dysfunction in the absence of the other clinical signs, or a combination of neurotoxic and hematoxic venom.
(18.) Osman, AGM, Harabawy, ASA: Hematoxic and genotoxic potential of ultraviolet - A radiation on the African catfish Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822).