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hematologic, hematological

hematological, hematologic

pertaining to or emanating from blood cells.

hematological tests
total and differential white cell counts, hematocrit estimation, erythrocyte count.
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1c] should accurately reflect an average glycemic history of approximately the previous 120 days in a hematologically normal individual.
All cases reported were thoroughly screened clinically, hematologically, biochemically and ECG wise a prebronchoscope work up was done.
In normal and hematologically malignant cells partial illumination of the cell cycle--and thus the etiopathology of malignancy--can only be determined via comparison of the quantified changes in the cyclical phases of cyclins and CDKIs in healthy and malignant proliferated cells.
8,9 Thalassemia trait is also frequently misdiagnosed as iron deficiency in children because the two are similar hematologically and iron deficiency is much more prevalent.
Loss of one [alpha]-globin gene is clinically and hematologically silent.
Lindenbaum et al[16] reported a group of 12 patients whose serum Cbl levels were between 215 and 475 pg/mL and who subsequently responded hematologically to Cbl therapy.
Data obtained included age, sex, category of head injury [high velocity or low velocity], initial GCS [Glasgow coma score], history of Hypertension, history of taking antiplatelets or anticoagulant medications, history of alcoholism, hematologically deranged parameters like thrombocytopenia, altered bleeding and clotting time, prolonged prothrombin time or activated partial thromboplastin time, findings of initial CT scan brain, GCS at the time of repeat CT scan and repeat CT scan findings.
A select list of hematologically relevant pathogens that are diagnosed using molecular methods is presented in Table 3.
The control group comprised of 30 both clinically & hematologically healthy individuals in the age range of 1-16 yrs.
A child with G6PD deficiency is clinically and hematologically normal during his life, but in a situation of 'oxidative challenge', caused by either fava beans or by certain drugs, acute hemolytic anemia occurs.