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hematologic, hematological

hematological, hematologic

pertaining to or emanating from blood cells.

hematological tests
total and differential white cell counts, hematocrit estimation, erythrocyte count.
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The mean [+ or -] standard error of mean value of each of the measured plasma enzymes (ACP, ALP, ALT, AST, LDH, and G6PDH) in Nigerians affected with hematological malignancies cross-sectional subjects' groups were compared with one another; and with the controls for any significant difference using the Student's t -test for unpaired samples.
Results of the hematological testing are within the normal values of the Thailand Hill Mynah, unless otherwise noted.
Blood CP which includes the hematological parameters is one of the baseline and most commonly ordered laboratory test5.
Gender difference in hematological indices of wild, apparently healthy adult Indian blue peafowl.
The hematological cancers market is characterized by commercially successful therapies.
The specimen in CBC vial was used to find out hematological parameters on Sysmex XE-2100(r), and 15 parameters were obtained.
Anemias (especially the due to nutritional deficiency), were the commonest disorder amongst the non malignant hematological disorders.
Hide and seek: hematological aspects of malaria a developing country perspective.
The 18 articles in this volume examine issues related to hematological disorders in adolescents and young adults.
Hematological parameters and anaerobic threshold in Brazilian soccer players throughout a training program.
Karnataka) textbook provides students with a strong foundation in the applied physiology and the pathophysiologic basis of hematological diseases in the context of relevant clinical features.