hematologic disorders

hematologic disorders,

n.pl the diseases of the blood and blood-forming tissues.
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Biogen develops, markets and manufactures therapies for people living with serious neurological, autoimmune and hematologic disorders and will use this new space to expand its drug discovery efforts in this core life science district and is among the largest and fastest growing global life science companies based in Massachusetts.
Therefore, hematologic disorders in any unestablished clinical diagnosis should be investigated for PV-Bl 9 infection.
The company has a broad research pipeline encompassing many therapeutic areas including renal disease, hematologic disorders and CNS disorders, among others.
Hendrixson and his staff provide comprehensive, state of the art treatment for solid tumors and hematologic disorders, both benign and malignant.
Designed for quick bedside consultation, this handbook covers all hematologic disorders and information on pathophysiology, natural history, risk factors, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.
gov; Terry Rogers Bishop, Division of Kidney, Urologic, and Hematologic Disorders, NIDDK, 6707 Democracy Bird, Rm 619, MSC 5458, Bethesda, MD 20892-5458 USA, 301-594-7717, e-mail: tb232j@nih.
This antibody and other specific anti-Leishmania antibodies are nonprotective, as they cannot reach the intracellular antigens within amastigotes inside macrophages but contribute to the hematologic disorders of kala-azar, such as albumin: immunoglobulin G ratio reversal, and hyperplasia of B-cell populations in the lymphoid organs.
Investigating for hematologic disorders is very important and, unfortunately this is not done enough.
General adverse health effects that are associated with human exposure to arsenicals include cardiovascular diseases, developmental abnormalities, neurologic and neurobehavioral disorders, diabetes, hearing loss, fibrosis of the liver and lung, hematologic disorders, blackfoot disease, and cancers (Abernathy et al.
Other diagnosed abnormalities included hematologic disorders, in 6 patients (18%), and drug-induced platelet dysfunction, in 3 patients (9%).
10] In a manner similar to other bone marrow failure syndromes, SDS is associated with an increased risk for hematologic disorders.
He reviewed three topics: (a) the application and limitation of Southern blotting and PCR for detecting monoclonality in leukemias/lymphomas; (b) methods for detecting minimal residual disease; and (c) association of viral infections with specific hematologic disorders.