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hematologic, hematological

paraneoplastic syndrome

Oncology A co-morbid condition due to the indirect–remote or 'biologic' effects of malignancy, which may be the first sign of a neoplasm or its recurrence; PSs occur in > 15% of CAs, are caused by hormones, growth factors, biological response modifiers, and other as-yet unidentified factors, and may regress with treatment of the primary tumor. See Ectopic hormone.
Paraneoplastic syndromes
GI tract, eg anorexia, vomiting, protein-losing enteropathy, liver disease
Hematologic, eg leukemoid reaction, reactive eosinophilia, peripheral 'cytoses or 'cytopenias, hemolysis, DIC, thromboembolism, thrombophlebitis migrans
Hormonal effects
Metabolic disease, eg lactic acidosis, hypertrophic pulmonary osteoarthropathy, hyperamylasemia, hyperlipidemia
Neuromuscular, eg peripheral neuropathy, myopathy, CNS, spinal cord degeneration, inflammation
Renal, eg nephrotic syndrome, uric acid nephropathy
Skin, eg bullous mucocutaneous lesions, acquired ichthyosis, acanthosis nigricans, dermatomyositis
Others, eg callus formation, hypertension, and amyloidosis

hematological, hematologic

pertaining to or emanating from blood cells.

hematological tests
total and differential white cell counts, hematocrit estimation, erythrocyte count.
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The outcomes of both HEV infection and hematologic malignancies are summarized in Table 2.
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Among patients in the chronic phase, 25% had a major cytogenetic response with 6-month duration, and 85% had a complete hematologic response with 10-month duration.
Many respondents gave incorrect answers to basic questions about clinical decisions, and 17% said they did not feel confident that they could diagnose the most common hematologic malignancies.
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Because of hematologic toxicity, caution should be used when co-administering zidovudine with bone marrow suppressive agents or interferon alpha.
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