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1. Synonym(s): hemorrhagic cyst, haematocele.
2. Effusion of blood into a canal or a cavity of the body.
3. Swelling due to effusion of blood into the tunica vaginalis testis.
Synonym(s): haematocele.
[hemato- + G. kēlē, tumor]
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The correct management of hematoceles includes early recognition and complete evacuation of the hematoma.
Long-standing hematoceles easily become calcified and fibrotic, becoming firm and painless masses.
The destruction of tubal tissue and introduction of blood and trophoblastic tissue into the peritoneum leads to an inflammatory response by the body, which closes off the area and creates a pelvic hematocele, or hemoperitoneum, a collection of blood in the sealed-off cavity.[32]
(6) Hematoceles and pyoceles are rare and are usually caused by trauma, surgery, or neoplasm.
Hematocele: This is a collection of blood in the protective layers around the testicle.