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Etymology: word element, Gr.
combining form for terms relating to blood or blood vessels.
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I would never have had the courage to leave the shackles of my sham marriage without the help of Hemat Gryffe.
All students who achieved 100% attendance were entered into a draw, and Hemat was the lucky winner.
Shahid Hemat, which is part of the military's Defence Industries Organisation, had been involved in testing the engine for the Shahab-3 and in working in particular on aerodynamic properties and control systems for Iranian missiles, as had been reported in the U.
Hemat said the attacker was not a policeman but had acquired a uniform and merged into the crowd.
Juma Gul Hemat, Uruzgan's police chief, said heavy fighting began on Tuesday and continued into early Wednesday after the Taliban launched an attack on the area.
Indian-born Hemat Lakhani, 68, was led into a Federal Court in Newark,New Jersey, in handcuffs to face terrorism charges and was remanded in custody until another hearing on Monday.
Bakrie Telecom is known for its innovative and exciting products and services that always lead the market, through its Esia, Wifone, Wimode and SLI Hemat 009 brands.
We have sent a delegation to investigate and find out what exactly had happened," Abdullah Hemat told AFP.
Merpati Nusantara also cooperates with Bank Mandiri to promote the country's tourism sector through the promotion of "Terbang Hemat Bertiga" with tickets purchased with Bank Mandiri credit card.
We have a tough time getting parts for the M989 HEMAT trailers in our unit.
Hemat Komeili says his tie, seen being modeled above, has been approved by some sources of emulation, the senior-most clerics in Shia Islam.