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a congenital vascular malformation consisting of a benign tumor made up of newly formed blood vessels clustered together; it may be present at birth in various parts of the body, including the liver and bones. In the majority of cases it appears as a network of small blood-filled capillaries near the surface of the skin, forming a reddish or purplish birthmark.
cavernous hemangioma a congenital vascular malformation that has a soft, spongy consistency and may contain a large amount of blood. It usually appears during the first few postnatal weeks and disappears by the age of 9 years. The most common sites are head, neck, and viscera such as the liver, spleen, or pancreas. Treatment varies according to the size of the lesion.
strawberry hemangioma a circumscribed capillary hemangioma, which may be present at birth or may appear soon after birth. These are most common on the head, neck, and trunk and appear as small macules that develop into raised purplish-red lobulated tumors. Most involute by age 2 to 3.


A vascular tumor, present at birth or developing during life, in which proliferation of blood vessels leads to a mass that resembles a neoplasm; hemangiomas can occur anywhere in the body but are most frequently noticed in the skin and subcutaneous tissues; most hemangiomas present at birth undergo spontaneouos regression.
See also: nevus.
[hemangio- + G. -oma, tumor]


/he·man·gi·o·ma/ (he-man″je-o´mah)
1. a benign tumor, usually in infants or children, made up of newly formed blood vessels and resulting from malformation of angioblastic tissue of fetal life.
2. a benign or malignant vascular tumor resembling the classic type but occurring at any age.

ameloblastic hemangioma  hemangioameloblastoma.
capillary hemangioma 
1. the most common type, having closely packed aggregations of capillaries, usually of normal caliber, separated by scant connective stroma.
cavernous hemangioma  a red-blue spongy tumor with a connective tissue framework enclosing large, cavernous, vascular spaces containing blood.
sclerosing hemangioma  a form of benign fibrous histiocytoma having histiocytic and fibroblastic elements, numerous blood vessels, and hemosiderin deposits.
strawberry hemangioma 
1. a red, firm, dome-shaped hemangioma seen at birth or soon after, usually on the head or neck, that grows rapidly and usually regresses and involutes without scarring.
venous hemangioma  a cavernous hemangioma in which the dilated vessels have thick, fibrous walls.


n. pl. hemangio·mas also hemangio·mata (-mə-tə)
A benign skin lesion consisting of dense, usually elevated masses of dilated blood vessels.


[hēman′jē·ō′mə] pl. hemangiomas, hemangiomata
Etymology: Gk, haima + angeion, small vessel, oma
a benign tumor consisting of a mass of blood vessels. Also spelled haemangioma.
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Surgery A tumor composed of clustered blood vessels, seen in the skin and elsewhere. See Capillary hemangioma, Congenital hemangioma, Postnatal hemangioma, Sclerosing hemangioma, Strawberry hemangioma, Swiss cheese hemangioma.


A congenital anomaly, in which proliferation of blood vessels leads to a mass that resembles a neoplasm; it can occur anywhere in the body but is most frequently observed in the skin and subcutaneous tissues.
See also: nevus
Synonym(s): haemangioma.
[hemangio- + -oma, tumor]


(he-man?je-o'ma ) (-o'ma-ta) plural.hemangiomasplural.-mata [ hem- + angioma]
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A benign tumor found on the skin or in an internal organ, composed of dilated blood vessels, and often encapsulated within a fibrous shell. Synonym: cavernous hemangioma See: illustration

cavernous hemangioma


infantile hemangioma

A dull red benign lesion, usually present at birth or appearing within 2 to 3 months thereafter. This type of birthmark is usually found on the face or neck and is well demarcated from the surrounding skin. It grows rapidly and then regresses. It is caused by a proliferation of immature capillary vessels in active stroma. Synonym: strawberry hemangioma; strawberry mark; strawberry nevus (2)


If removal is necessary, plastic surgical excision using the carbon dioxide, argon, or potassium titanium oxide phosphate laser is effective in ablating this lesion.


The use of laser treatment necessitates observance of all laser safety precautions.

lobular capillary hemangioma

A fleshy, polyp-shaped hemangioma that may develop at the site of a wound. It bleeds easily and is usually tender.

strawberry hemangioma

Infantile hemangioma.


A benign skin tumor composed of abnormal blood vessels.
Mentioned in: Birthmarks

hemangioma (hē·man·jē·ōˑ·m),

n a benign tumor that consists of an accumulation of blood vessels.
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Vascular tumor, present at birth or developing during life, in which proliferation of blood vessels leads to a mass that resembles a neoplasm; can occur anywhere in the body but most frequently noticed in skin and subcutaneous tissues.
Synonym(s): haemangioma.
[hemangio- + G. -oma, tumor]

hemangioma (hēman´jēō´mə),

n 1. a benign neoplasm characterized by blood vascular channels. A cavernous form consists of large vascular spaces. A capillary form consists of many small blood vessels.
n 2. a benign tumor composed of newly formed blood vessels.
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a benign tumor made up of newly formed blood vessels, clustered together. In animals they occur mostly on the skin and in the spleen. In birds, they may be caused by leukosis virus. See also bovine cutaneous angiomatosis, hemangiomatosis, telangiectasia.

disseminated cavernous hemangioma
multiple, small hemangiomatous tumors found in skin and internal organs; in calves and pigs rarely.
verrucous hemangioma
hemangioma in superficial dermis; induce epithelial hyperplasia.
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Partial orchiectomy may then be performed for histologically confirmed benign tumours, such as testicular capillary hemangioma.
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The primary differential considerations on imaging studies include hibernomas, lipomas, and soft tissue tumors of infancy such as rhabdomyosarcomas, the fibromatoses, and hemangiomas.
Hypoxia is extremely important as a precursor lesion, and placental anomalies provoke a low-oxygen atmosphere, which is one--and probably the most important--of the suggested factors for hemangioma development," Dr.
Sclerosing hemangioma (histiocytoma, xanthoma) of the lung.
Except for scars left behind from five surgeries to remove the hemangioma - a spongy ruby-colored benign growth - Daniella, 10, of Burbank, is a vibrant, intelligent, friendly young girl today who serves as spokesperson for the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.
5,6) The differential diagnosis should include hemangioma, bacillary angiomatosis, peripheral giant cell granuloma, peripheral ossifying fibroma, and some malignancies, such as Kaposi sarcoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and achromic melanoma.