hemal node

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he·mal node

a lymphoid structure in which the blood sinuses are present in place of lymph sinuses; hemal nodes occur in ruminants and some other mammals, but their presence in humans is questioned.

hemal node

A vascular node that structurally resembles a lymph node, present in certain ungulates. Synonym: hemal gland
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pertaining to blood or blood vessels.

hemal arch
small, v-shaped bones attached to the caudal ends of the ventral surface of several caudal (coccygeal) vertebrae where they protect several coccygeal vessels; they are small in dogs, absent in horses and cattle, large in kangaroos and whales.
hemal node
occur under the peritoneum along the vertebral column, in some viscera, near the spleen and kidneys and in the jugular furrow in ruminants; resemble lymph nodes but their sinuses are filled with blood. Have functions probably like those of the spleen. Called also hemolymph node.