hemal arches

he·mal arch·es

1. the arches that collectively comprise the thoracic cage, each consisting of a vertebra (body, pedicle, and transverse processes), the corresponding pair of ribs and their articular cartilages, and the portion of the sternum to which they attach.
2. three or four V-shaped bones located ventral to the bodies of the third to sixth coccygeal vertebrae; they represent intercentra and usually enclose the ventral caudal artery and vein.
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Monod proposed the fusion of preural centra 2 and 3 (PU2 + PU3) in another species of the same genus, Syngnathus acus, on the evidence of two hemal arches under the same vertebral centrum.
The gonapophyses I, II, and III are attached to the caudal vertebrae 15, 16 and 17 by hemal arches. The gonapophys I present parapophyses, gonapophyis II and III present unciform processes.