1. Relating to or infected with parasitic worms.
2. Synonym(s): anthelmintic (1)
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Various bioactivities are attributed to [beta]-asarone, like antibacterial, anti helmintic, and antifungal properties (McGaw et at.
The possibility of cross reactivity with other helmintic antigens has also being raised in some studies, (16) although a study performed in Ivory Coast found no negative influence when their subjects had concurrent infection with soil-transmitted helminthes.
Juice obtained from crushed leaves of Ananas sativus was taken with lime water to treat helmintic infestations.
In addition, no mention was made of helmintic infections, which also can be associated with foods.
(2) Its leaves are useful in treating edema and dropsy, its roots are used as cathartics, it is also useful in treating helmintic infestation (3,4) Hence we took up this study to know if it has anti-inflammatory activity in chronic models of inflammation.
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By itself, the plant was used for treatment of acne, helmintic infections, and as a blood purifier.
Lime water has an alkaline nature; the alkalinity may be useful to dissolve particular phytochemical constituents from the base, which are effective against helmintic infections.