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1. winding like the thread of a screw; called also helical.
2. a winding structure; see also coil and helix.
Curschmann's s's coiled fibrils of mucin sometimes found in the sputum of patients with asthma. See also Laënnec's pearls.
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Resembling a helix.
Synonym(s): helical (2)
[G. helix, a coil, + eidos, resemblance]
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Resembling a helix.
Synonym(s): helical (2) .
[G. helix, a coil, + eidos, resemblance]
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CNC multifunctional machine for the following processing: turning, milling, drilling, boring, mortising, toothing and plane, exterior and interior cylindrical and helicoidally rectification, INNOVATION National Project, Bucharest
In order to press the fabric with the presser foot, the sewing machine Brother DB2-B737-915 MarkII has an helicoidally compression spring.
It is obvious that a safe boundary between the two streams of different senses does not exist, but certainly they are mutual influence--surely negative: the ascendant helicoidally stream will drive a main part of the thin faction in over trickling.
- the beginning of the helicoidally trajectory is strongly affected, but, due to the low transitory regime, (0,2 seconds), the tool enters again on the helicoidally trajectory before beginning to cut;
Basically, a 10 tones mass can be weighted and monitored by a helicoidally arc subjected to a force of 200 N, 250 times smaller that the external load.
Normal medial tangential helicoidally machining The medial helicoidally tangential trajectory is given by two trajectories: tool centre trajectory LS1 and tool holder trajectory LS2, which are perpendicular on feed vector.
There are underlined both the cases of normal and inclined medial tangential helicoidally machining.
Helicoidally shaped thrust pad were taken into account due to the simplicity of the lubricant shape.
Key words: thrust pad, optimization, helicoidally shaped pad, slope