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the vertical measurement of something.
height of contour the measurement of a tooth from the lingual to the vestibular surface at its greatest bulge.
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height (h),

(hīt), Avoid the mispronunciation hīth.
Vertical measurement.
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(h) (hīt)
The distance from the lowest point to the highest point on an object or part.
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(hīt) Avoid the mispronunciation hīth.
Vertical measurement.
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Patient discussion about height

Q. i suffer from fear of heights ... is there any sociological way to treat it and make it less effective?

A. Fear of heights is a very common specific phobia, in psychiatric terms. Nowadays the best way of therapy is called cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT),in which a person learns how to deal with the phobia through cognitive thinking in steps. It is a very recommended method in psychology/ psychiatry these days.

Q. Can I get any tips like diet, exercise to increase my height. Please help me. I am a postgraduate student. My dad is 5’5”, mom and my brother 5’6”, but I’m only 4’10”. I’m very upset with my height. My health is good but I don’t do exercise. Can I get any tips like diet, exercise to increase my height. Please help me.

A. I like to share the knowledge that I gained from the book. To increase your height, it is important that your blood is oxygenated as blood provides nourishment to your bones. Regular breathing will also purify your blood. Your bones need phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium while your muscles need water, protein and carbohydrates to grow. Since you are growing taller, both your muscles and bones are getting bigger and longer.

Q. Hi I want to gain my weight. 23yrs old 176mts height and my current weight is 56kgs..

A. Hi there. Lots of milkshakes should do it. That's what a nutritionist told me. What is mts? How does that relate to inches. How does kgs relate to pounds? Thank you.

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