heating pattern

heating pattern,

n the measure of heat distribution in the human body or model.
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According to the heat curve obtained for the heat exchanger number 2 (figure 4b), the process stream follows a lineal heating pattern (sensible heat) until reaching a point near 50% of the heat exchanger length, at which phase change occurs (vaporization).
The matched whey protein gel was used as a model for studying the heating pattern and locating cold spots in microwave-processed beef gravy trays.
In addition, to determine the depth of the maximum heating point, we evaluated the vertical heating pattern using a muscle equivalent phantom (Okano, et al.
The cable heaters can be formed to cover cylindrical areas, which require a uniform heating pattern.
The relatively large size of the bond region in comparison with the microwave energy wavelength results in standing wave patterns and heating pattern disruptions.
The shape, size, and distribution of the material affect the heating pattern.
In addition, Martin supplies Duralife Thermally Enhanced Dies, which have a unique heating pattern determined for each die design.
However, since the types of heater used--nichrome wire, calrod, and black-body heating units--had limited functionality, achieving a uniform heating pattern was very difficult.