heat shock protein

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heat shock protein

Any of a group of cellular proteins produced under physiological stress, such as high or low body temperature, that stabilize other cellular proteins and adjust cellular metabolism to cope with the stress.

heat shock protein (HsP)

an intracellular protein that increases in concentration during metabolic stress, such as exposure to heat. HsPs affect protein assembly, folding, sorting, and uptake into organelles. There are various kinds of HsPs, each performing different functions.

heat shock protein

Any of a large group of proteins that protect cells from injury caused by increased temperatures or other physical stresses.
Synonym: stress response protein
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heat shock protein (HSP)

a class of PROTEINS synthesized in organisms in response to various stresses, such as elevated temperature, reduced oxygen concentration and ionizing radiation. Heat shock proteins may be essential for survival at higher temperatures. They function mainly as CHAPERONES, permitting the correct refolding of proteins that have been unfolded during stress. In PROKARYOTES heat shock proteins may account for about 15% of the cellular protein under stress conditions.
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