heat prostration

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extreme exhaustion or lack of energy or power.
heat prostration heat exhaustion.
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heat ex·haus·tion

a form of reaction to heat, marked by prostration, weakness, and collapse, resulting from severe dehydration.
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heat prostration

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The phrase "sick once from working in the sun" aptly describes heat stroke (also known as sun stroke or heat prostration).
As they drive away, the robed, bald pated do-gooder passes out; subsequent tests reveal a heart murmur and a case of heat prostration, to be treated by two weeks of rest in the shade.
Fighting wildfires demands (should demand!) a different approach; it's silly to burden firefighters with all that gear on a 100 [degrees] afternoon -- heat prostration is a real danger.
Heat exhaustion (heat prostration and heat collapse) is considered a minor heat-related condition, unless circulatory failure occurs.
Heat prostration is a relatively mild form of heat illness.