heat of formation

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heat of for·ma·tion

the heat (expressed in calories or joules) absorbed or liberated during the (hypothetic) reaction in which a mole of a compound is formed from the necessary elements, in elemental form.
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TABLE 1: Heat of formation and electronic properties of cellulose-water interactions.
Where, "DRE", "[chi]", "[DELTA][H.sub.f]" and "[N.sub.H]" are Dewar resonance energy, Randic index, heat of formation for the reference structure, the number hydrogen atoms in polyenes (I), respectively.
The heat of formation ([DELTA][H.sub.f]) was positive for all complexes and it was observed that proposals 3 to 6 had a reduction in the average values, indicating a lower energy demand for complex formation.
Brown dwarfs glow brightly when young, from the heat of formation, but cool down over time and end up with atmospheres that exhibit planet-like characteristics.