heat of compression

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heat of com·pres·sion

heat produced when a gas is compressed.
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The diaphragm removes heat of compression between each impeller by passing cooling water through the diaphragm.
Temperature also changes during the physical compression or decompression process, and is characterized as heat of compression.
Next, the system adds the heat of compression, which in this case is the electrical energy coming from the plug in the outlet, to the refrigerant.
Air-X-Changer air-cooled heat exchangers extract the heat of compression from the gases and also cool the engines that power them.
Heat is generated within the pumping head by both heat of compression of the gases being pumped and mechanical heat generated by the pump's driving mechanism.
Three large Ecoair T Series oil-free rotary screw air compressors and the same supplier's heat of compression desiccant air dryers supply compressed air for their bottling plant.
The rotary screw air compressor requires an oil cooler to cool the oil that lubricates, seals and absorbs the heat of compression.
in the late 1980s, result from reductions in excess power costs, excess heat of compression, maintenance costs, and premature component wear-out.
This project will also demolish the existing air dryer system for compressors # 2, #3, and #4 and install new heat of compression rotary drum dryers to be connected with compressors #2, #3, and #4The dryer for compressor #1 will remain in place and in service.
Recovering the heat of compression for a useful purpose is an intelligent way of reducing the cost of compressed air production and improving energy efficiency at the same time.
Reducing energy costs Atlas Copco's ZD with integrated heat of compression dryer has an unmatched specific energy requirement.