Viola tricolor

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Viola tricolor,

n See pansy.
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Radnor Hills attended SIAL tradeshow in Paris, to launch its premium Heartsease Farm presse range and were thrilled to welcome Rebecca Evans, Welsh Assembly Deputy Minister for Farming & Food.
On the cover of the dish alongside the arms of the Elector and his wife appear the heartsease or wild pansy which show the twin faces of togetherness and thoughtfulness.
Pot marigolds, nasturtium (flowers and leaves), hollyhock, heartsease (viola tricolor) dandelion, violet, pinks (dianthus sp.
Sadness and a sense of isolation might seem almost inseparable from poetic inspiration of the higher kinds," Webster writes in a review of James Russell Lowell's Heartsease and Rue, "were it not that in the highest range of all a fresher air is reached.
Swathes of bright yellow gorse sheltered clumps of heartsease, or wild pansy, in the dunes at the entrance of the estuary.
Pansies share the delicate-looking but tough characteristics of the family from which they were originally bred ( violas, violets and the little wild pansy, heartsease.
The discovery in 2002 of a second acquifer meant it could finally launch its own premium bottled water, Heartsease, last December.
The novel product is created from the entirely natural resources of sparkling water from the Heartsease spring and pure fruit juice.
Herbs ranging from dandelion and greater celandine to cramp bark and heartsease can alleviate many of the problems people often take to their doctors.
Visitors will be able to try Radnor Hills' Heartsease Farm drinks, Welsh lamb and traditional Welsh teatime favourites, Welshcakes and bara brith.
William Watkins, managing director of Radnor Hills, said its new Heartsease range that was offered to Welsh stars including singers Bryn Terfel and Dame Shirley Bassey at the opening of the Millennium Centre in Cardiff was designed to reflect its Welsh origins.