Viola tricolor

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Viola tricolor,

n See pansy.
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The Heartsease Farm brand is a range of delightful presse drinks made with natural ingredients sourced from around the countryside.
Playing mostly from her debut album, Heartsease, Mooney has confidence and technical ability.
I do not intend to dwell on Heartsease at any length here.
I find from experiments that bumble-bees are almost indispensable to the fertilization of the heartsease (Viola tricolor), for other bees do not visit this flower.
As a young man, John James Ruskin yearned to solace his "discontented feeling" that "dare not be told" by restoring "that Heartsease character that my juvenile writings possessed" (RFL 57).
Her other novels include Heartsease (1854); The Daisy Chain (1856), which depicts the moral conflict of sheltered lives; and The Young Stepmother (1861).
The heartsease of his last decade and a half blossoms out of a struggle encompassing three collections--Nights and Days (1966), The Fire Screen (1969), and Braving the Elements (1972)--in which Merrill quarrels with himself and other poets, embraces and loses at least one beloved, attacks and returns to his Muse.
Home in Cambridge in the last years of his life, he published the poems in Heartsease and Rue (1888), and several books of essays and addresses.
It is giving packs of the heartsease flower, a wildflower from the pansy family, to those who make a donation.
Viola tricolor, the Heartsease, has, as the name suggests, a three coloured flower.
Michael Anthony Sockett, 63, worked for the Watkins family at Heartsease, Knighton, for 43 years, and Malcolm Tom Edwards, 57, at Traherne Farms, Coedarhydyglyn, Cardiff the same.