hearing protector

hear·ing pro·tec·tor

(hēr'ing prŏ-tek'tŏr)
Occlusive devices for the external auditory canal made of pliable material or fluid (usually glycerin)-filled ear muffs for protection against noise-induced hearing loss.
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The new top-of-the-line hearing protector from Browning is the Cadence high-tech but affordable headset.
Effects of a low intensity intervention to increase hearing protector use among noise-exposed workers.
Contract awarded for Supply of hearing protector for gsag officers.
Ultimate Hearing Protector from Peltor is absolute top-drawer protection.
5) In addition to being sold by Etymotic Research as ETY-Plugs and the ER-20 High Fidelity Hearing Protector, the same product is also marketed to musicians as the HEAROS High Fidelity Earplugs, the WestStar Earplugs ER 20, the Fender Touring Earplugs, the 3M Hi-Fi Earplug, and the Vic Firth VICEARPLUG.
3M is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its best-selling E-A-R brand Classic Hearing Protector with a new educational microsite, Discovery Kits, and free prize draw.
The Evader Tactical Hearing Protector is a lightweight folding tactical earmuff with a NRR of 31dB.
The HGU-25/P has the hearing protector, also known as the aural protector, and is worn by other personnel.
Effectiveness of hearing protector devices in impulse noise verified with transiently evoked and distortion product otoacoustic emissions.
Additional uses of SoundPro include environmental noise assessments, administrative and engineering control selection, noise ordinance enforcement and hearing protector selection assistance.
She and a fellow pilot set out to develop Mutt Muffs--an over-the-head hearing protector especially contoured for a dog's skull.