hearing level

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hear·ing lev·'el

the measure of the status of hearing as read directly on the hearing loss scale of an audiometer; described in decibels as a deviation from a standard value for zero on the audiometer. It is expressed as dB HL.
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Instead, the data here are compared with performance reported by others in peer-reviewed publications that examined populations of different ages, hearing levels, and demographics.
The number (%) of subjects with a presbycusis-corrected average hearing level in the speech range >26.
Although there was a worsening of hearing level over time of 3 dB, it was thought this difference was not of practical significance.
Under these new requirements, effective January 1, 2003 employers must record work-related hearing loss cases if there is a shift of 10 decibels from the employee's initial hearing that results in an overall hearing level of 25 decibels.
If a settlement is reached at this first hearing level - and fewer than two out of six applicants do so - a remission order authorizing the Department of Finance to change the assessment must be obtained before a refund application can be filed.
Heller is one of the leading pro bono lawyers in New York in two critical areas: 1) the representation of parents of children with disabilities in due process actions for free, appropriate public education both at the administrative hearing level and in federal court; and 2) the representation of women who are victims of domestic violence in custody, visitation, child support and protective order actions.
The output level of CC was represented in hearing level based on ISO 389-3:1994 [18].
5% of the Behcet disease patients had a sensorineural hearing loss ([greater than or equal to] 25 dB hearing level in at least two frequencies), particularly at the higher frequencies.
RESULTS: The recovery rate, calculated as hearing gain divided by the difference in hearing level between the affected and unaffected ear, was better than 75% in 41 of 66 (62.
The state's GPS monitoring program has seldom undergone such vigorous scrutiny, at least not at the bail revocation hearing level, according to lawyers familiar with this case.
They were also worried about his hearing as Down's syndrome babies can have blue ear which can affect their hearing level.

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