hearing level

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hear·ing lev·'el

the measure of the status of hearing as read directly on the hearing loss scale of an audiometer; described in decibels as a deviation from a standard value for zero on the audiometer. It is expressed as dB HL.
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We rely on the eoirattorneyid field, however, because it is a more specific identifier, is more commonly used to identify attorneys at the hearing level, and allows us to connect hearing-level data to attorney characteristics.
They observed some relapse in the hearing level after the retention period, but it did not significantly affect the overall results obtained.
The researchers evaluated hearing impairment as a pure-tone average greater than 25 decibels hearing level in either ear, and also measured word recognition at different sound levels and with male and female voices.
The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) in Ontario uses a presbycusis-corrected average hearing level in the speech range (0.
9%) had severe hearing loss, defined as a greater than 70db hearing level.
The decree however stipulates a number of conditions; that the student does not have more than one disability -- for example, a hearing disability and a visual disability -- that their IQ is not below 52 and that their hearing level is not more than 70 Decibel.
Provide non-radio deck crew the ability to speak to each other while protecting their hearing level and allowing them to maintain situational awareness.
Mobile phone conversationswere being conducted at several decibels above normal hearing level.
The average hearing loss ranges from 15 to 45 decibel hearing level (dB HL).
Hearing impairment was defined as a pure-tone average air-conduction hearing threshold worse than 25 dB hearing level in the better ear.
Frequency spectrum calibration in decibel hearing level fulfilled the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 8253-1 criteria for audiometric testing environment (ISO 1989) adapted to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) S 3.

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