hearing impairment

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hear·ing im·pair·ment

, hearing loss (hēr'ing im-pār'ment, laws),
A reduction in the ability to perceive sound; may range from slight inability to complete deafness.
See also: deafness, threshold shift.

hear·ing im·pair·ment

, hearing loss (hēr'ing im-pār'mĕnt, laws)
A reduction in the ability to perceive sound; may range from slight inability to complete deafness.
See also: deafness

hear·ing im·pair·ment

, hearing loss (hēr'ing im-pār'mĕnt, laws)
Reduction in ability to perceive sound; may range from slight inability to complete deafness.
See also: deafness

Patient discussion about hearing impairment

Q. what is this immediate hearing loss???? I woke up yesterday and didnt hear anything, only very high tones in my left ear. I also feel nausious and dizzy. please tell me someone has experienced it and it goes away in a few days!!! I'm very scared to loose my hearing forever, it's been 24 hours that I'm almost deaf. thank you

A. Acute hearing loss can be caused due to an infection of the middle ear or internal ear that can cause dizziness nausea fever and vomiting as well. You should see a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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It is for the above reasons that the current authors propose careful and continuous deliberations around the quadruple influence on risk factors for hearing impairment. Grounding all academic, research and clinical endeavours in context forces the audiology profession to be relevant, responsive and responsible in all its clinical and academic endeavours.
Keoagile said people with hearing impairment were challenged since they did not get enough exposure in sporting activities adding that sport and disability made it hard to get sponsorship.
According to Saudi Gazette, there are three designated prayer areas for the disabled, one each for people with hearing impairments, the visually challenged and those with physical disabilities.
To explore the reaction of parents about having a child with hearing impairment.
Researchers concluded that hearing impairment in patients with RA is a multifactorial disease, since it can be affected by environmental and disease factors (smoking, rheumatoid nodules) as well as patient characteristics, such as age and behavioral habits.
To record brainstem auditory evoked response in high risk infants and compare with age specific normal response for identification of hearing impairment if any.
Although a comparatively smaller percentage of manufacturing workers are noise-exposed (37%), this sector accounts for the most noise-exposed workers in the United States (3), and, as expected, the largest number of workers with hearing impairment. Some manufacturing sub-sectors, such as wood product, apparel, and machinery manufacturing, have been found to have occupational hearing loss risks as high as those in the mining and construction sectors (4).
Only 56 per cent of respondents believe that hearing impairment is a severe health issue.
The solution to all the hearing impairment dilemma is a one-word solution: Understanding.
Hearing impairment is viewed as the silent epidemic, because of its invisible nature and because routine clinical examinations often fail to detect it.
Chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) is a common public health problem worldwide and a major cause of hearing impairment among children in developing countries.

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