hearing disorder

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hearing disorder

Audiology Any disruption in the normal hearing process, where sound waves are not converted to electrical signals or nerve impulses are not transmitted to the brain for interpretation
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A. Hi Samir again, do you know the film "Patch Adams"? This film is based on a true story. Watch this film and listen exactly to the conversations (particularly from Robin Williams). A hospital has a medical staff. You have to learn, how you check a doctor to recognize which one is for you useful and which one you would prefer to put in the trash. Respect them, but avoid them when they are not honest with you. You ask yourself now perhaps, how you can check a doctor? Here I prepared for the Community a recipe:
For the hospital: I would prefer to stay in a hospital on the country-side than in a large city. What about you?

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"We have found that almost every child with a hearing disorder has a chance to have a full-fledged life and that our son is no exception.
Other studies still report that some workers are vulnerable to noise, such as welders, carpenters, electricians, mechanics and bricklayers, and may be included among the professionals at greater risk for NIHL, with age, time length of exposure to occupational noise as contributing factors to hearing disorders [16-18].
The identification of a genetic hearing disorder is important as it may improve prognostic accuracy and may allow a correct genetic counseling for the affected patient and relatives at risk [79, 80].
In terms of comorbid problems, epilepsy was detected in 31 (29%) patients, visual disability in 41 (38.3%) patients, hearing disorders in 6 (5.6%), and speech disorders were detected in 62 (58%) patients (Figure 1).
Porter, who started his first booking agency in 1954, cited a chronic hearing disorder known as tinnitus--the sensation of a ringing, roaring or buzzing sound in the ears or head--as among the reasons for his resignation.
Presbycusis is a human hearing disorder that progresses with age.
DRIVERS who suffer from the hearing disorder tinnitus are deliberately disabling the air-bag safety feature on their cars.
One such disorder is Waardenburg's syndrome, a pigmentation and hearing disorder linked to mutations in the [HuP2 gene (SN: 5/2/92, p.296).
If the signs of a hearing disorder in an animal become apparent, always seek veterinary consultation, he advises.
A WOMAN from Coventry is launching a medical research charity to help victims of a distressing hearing disorder.
Two independent groups of researchers have found that people with a pigmentation and hearing disorder called Waardenburg's syndrome bear mutations in a gene thought to direct a critical phase of early embryonic development.