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I have heard tell, Tatty, that she was once regularly called the child of this place.
Now this is my desire--to win that great axe of Jikiza, which is called Groan- Maker, of which we have heard tell, so that axe and club may stand together in the fray.
I've heard tell in my younger days that that will cause it.
The better to set this fear at rest, I changed the form of my inquiries; and spying an honest fellow coming along a lane on the shaft of his cart, I asked him if he had ever heard tell of a house they called the house of Shaws.
By the hilt of my sword," said stout King Richard, "this is as bold and merry a knave as ever I heard tell of.
I've heard tell of the other kind of women that gallivanted off like me and did queer things--the sort that become soldiers in armies, and sailors on ships.