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pertaining to, characterized by, or promoting health.


Well; in a state of normal functioning; free from disease.


1. The amorphous term is understood by the F.D.A. to signify the product so labeled is low in fats, cholesterol, and sodium and that it contains 10% of the required daily amounts of Vitamins A and C, as well as calcium, iron, protein, and fiber.
2. Well; in a state of normal functioning; free from disease.


Well; in a state of normal functioning; free from disease.

Patient discussion about healthy

Q. How can I loose weight in a healthy way?

A. Basically – eat balanced diet of what your body NEEDS and not what you desire to eat, exercise more and cut off smoking and other bad habits. You don’t have to change your whole life – sometimes relatively simple measures can make a big change.

You may read more here (, and remember to consult a professional before you start a new diet or exercise program.


Q. Is alcohol really healthy? I’m 19 years old girl, and never drink alcohol. I had an argument with my friend that argued that alcohol actually helps the heart and prevents some disease, and therefore I should drink at least some. However, I always hear about how alcohol ruins your liver and the whole body. Is he right?

A. The important thing is that alcohol helps disease that usually affect old men, so for young people (like you) eventually alcohol is more harmfull than healthy.

Q. what is more healthy, brown sugar or fruit sugar?

A. fruit sugar

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Across the board, most of them said they ate healthily but could do better - in Aberdeen (71 per cent), Edinburgh (78 per cent), Glasgow (82 per cent), Dundee (73 per cent), Inverness (75 per cent), Perth (75 per cent) and Stirling (85 per cent).
With the UK dipping back into recession and food inflation on the rise, new data from PruHealth, the health insurance provider that rewards healthy behaviour, finds the continuing rise in cost of living means that 10.6 million Brits are not eating as healthily as they would like to and over half (52%) believe their health has suffered as a result of the recession.
The main reason the overall Healthy Behaviors Index has deteriorated is because there has been a decline in the percentage of Germans who report eating healthily. About 6 in 10 German adults said they ate healthy all day "yesterday" in November, down significantly from 7 in 10 in March.
The NSW Government Get Healthy Service is a free and confidential telephone-based service that provides information and ongoing support to adults in the State who would like to eat more healthily, be more active or achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
To help you cook more healthily, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has created a new heart healthy recipe book, so that all you food lovers out there can eat a balanced diet without missing out on delicious meals.
This event is supposed to encourage children to eat more healthily in order to combat child obesity in Europe.
The reason people fail to eat healthily is nothing to do with the cost - I shop weekly at Birmingham's fruit and vegetable market and am always amazed at how cheap it is.
Q I'm trying to eat more healthily and have been cooking more veg.
These industrious women, in their key decision-making years, are living longer and more healthily than ever before; and they have more money and are more educated than ever before.
For someone already in reasonable aerobic shape, a training program in both sports averaging 3.5 to 4 hours per week over 13 weeks will prepare them to finish happily and healthily as long as they don't try to go too fast in the race.
"Healthily skeptical" at first of this rather strange and scary man, Elvin soon starts to warm up to him as Alex makes an effort to be his friend and advisor.