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1. Conducive to good health; salutary.
2. Healthy.

health′ful·ness n.
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If consumers are not concerned about healthfulness of foods, they are less likely to use any nutrition information.
VkusVill radiates whole-food healthfulness. The company logo is deep green, and employees wear green fleece jackets.
With dairy, healthfulness and purity also are essential, and a number of brands are committing more to purity promises with their traditional fluid milk offerings.
Despite their healthfulness, concern over potential foodborne illness outbreaks in sprouts has been growing.
"Cooking for a family must accommodate everyone's schedules and food preferences, ranging from avoidances to culinary variety and healthfulness."
Manuszak said Chem-Dry's ability to enter new international markets with consistent success is the direct result of the brand's strong training and support, its commitment to providing exceptional customer service, and the superiority and healthfulness of Chem-Dry's products and cleaning methods.
I'VE not had the return to healthfulness that I'd been planning this week.
Parents' beliefs about the healthfulness of sugary drink options: opportunities to address misperceptions.
You can maximize the healthfulness of shellfish with your cooking method.
The 2014 Food and Health Survey by the IFIC found that 71% of respondents said healthfulness was a driver of food and beverage purchases, up from 61% in 2012.
Green, head of the Nevada Division of Behavioral and Public Health, said in a statement Thursday that since 2011, her annual inspections of prison sanitation, healthfulness, cleanliness, safety, diet and food preparation were up-do-date.