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1. Conducive to good health; salutary.
2. Healthy.

health′ful·ness n.
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You can offset this risk by taking steps to reduce inflammation, such as exercising, eating healthfully, and minimizing stress.
Lifestyle changes that include eating more healthfully and taking regular exercise may improve heart function and exercise capacity in people with a specific form of heart failure, according to a recent small study.
HealthSmart and TruckSmart are just two of the forums on Team Run Smart that examine everything from lowering Real Cost of Ownershipsm and running a business to maximizing profits and living healthfully while on the road.
Or, if you are interested in simply cooking more healthfully, there are over one hundred wonderfully healing recipes to choose from.
Practice makes perfect-especially when it comes to eating more healthfully.
As a rule, an 80-year-old woman who is in good physical and mental health, exercises regularly, and eats healthfully has a longer life expectancy than a woman the same age who has several chronic health conditions, leads a sedentary life, and eats a poor diet.
They're the most general and, as a group, they present a portrait of the nation at this time that is, I would say, healthfully skeptical.
Like other prepared foods, pre-made soups can have their nutrition downfalls, but it's possible to enjoy convenient soups while still eating healthfully.
But as you'll see, if you're on a tight budget, you don't have to spend more now to eat healthfully, and you'll save money later on health-care expenses.
Element Fargo offers additional ways for guests to live healthfully on the road like complimentary signature RISE breakfast and RELAX evening receptions featuring savory food and beverage pairings, plus bikes to borrow and backyard BBQs.
8220;We want to encourage women to live healthfully and enjoy a wonderful quality of life.
Residents ate more healthfully than usual when their team won, and less healthfully when it lost.