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1. Conducive to good health; salutary.
2. Healthy.

health′ful·ness n.
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Greater means of personal cleanliness, are indispensable to this end; the custom of hastily swallowing large quantities of animal food, three times a-day, and rushing back to sedentary pursuits after each meal, must be changed; the gentler sex must go more wisely clad, and take more healthful exercise; and in the latter clause, the males must be included also.
Toward morning the nourishment which I still carefully administered wrought its healthful change in her pulse, and composed her to quieter slumbers.
The air that would be healthful to the earth, the water that would enrich it, the heat that would ripen it, tear it when caged up.
hardly could I believe the melancholy and sickly figure before me, to be the remains of the lovely, blooming, healthful girl, on whom I had once doted.
ISLAMABAD -- New research finds that the type of diet a person follows is not as important as simply making sure it includes healthful foods.
" The writ of kalikasan is a remedy formulated by the court to better protect the rights of the citizens to a balanced and healthful ecology as enshrined in the Constitution.
Along with their healthful nutritional profile, peanuts are a calorie-rich food, so they are most healthful when enjoyed in moderation.
Researchers evaluated the diet quality of 2,801 men and women before and after a colorectal cancer diagnosis and rated the participants' adherence to healthful dietary patterns (such as those outlined by American Cancer Society nutrition guidelines) as well as a less-healthy Western-style eating pattern.
The study titled 'Adherence to Healthful Dietary Patterns Is Associated with Lower Risk of Hearing Loss in Women' said, "Specific nutrients have been associated with hearing status, but associations between healthful dietary patterns and risk of hearing loss have not been prospectively evaluated."
The rights to a clean environment are not mentioned in the 1935 and 1973 constitutions, but are recognized as one of the State policies in the 1987 Constitution as Article II Section 16 to wit: The State shall protect and advance the right of the people to a balanced and healthful ecology in accord with the rhythm and harmony of nature.
Whole grains (e.g., oatmeal, whole wheat flour, brown rice, popcorn) include the entire grain kernel, composed of the bran, germ and endosperm, which keeps healthful components like fiber, vitamins, minerals and beneficial phytonutrients intact.