health-related quality of life

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health-re·lat·ed qual·i·ty of life

(H.R.Q.O.L.) (helth-rē-lā'tĕd kwah'li-tē līf)
An assessment of a person's well-being with regard to physical health.

health-related quality of life

Abbreviation: HRQOL
The measurable impact of a person's perception of his or her health and the effect that produces on satisfaction with life and well-being. HRQOL is influenced by functional and socioeconomic status; by health risks; and by the beliefs, cultural milieu, policies, and practices of society.
See also: quality of life
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Among specific topics are estimating item parameters, local dependence, a multidimensional latent class Rasch model for assessing health-related quality of life, adapting patient-reported outcome measures for use in new languages and cultures, and improving items that do not fit with the Rasch model.

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