health status index

health sta·tus in·dex

set of measurements designed to detect short-term fluctuations in health of members of a population; the measurements usually include physical function, emotional well-being, activities of daily living, feelings, etc.
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The quantity index is further decomposed into a health status index and an adjusted quantity index (adjusted for health status).
The quantity index was further decomposed into the health status index and the adjusted quantity index (adjusted for health status).
The utilised health service index and subjective health status of each household member will be combined into a household health status index, which can be compared with the household economic status using such measures as household equivalent income, housing status, material consumption, and employment status of household members.
Chen, "Analysis of a tuberculin-testing program using a health status index," Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, 1972, 6, 49-68.
The range of the health status index in the Bay area is from 212 to 508, with the best value in area A and the worst value in area E.
For health quality-related factors, the coefficients of the health status index and the smoking index were positive and significant for avoiding losses.
Robert Leu and colleagues describe latent variable methods used to construct a health status index, and discuss the limitations of the health status index as a mechanism to refine outcome measures in cost-effectiveness/cost-utility analysis.
The health status index used may not be entirely independent of deafness.
Health status index measurement can also be included.

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