health risk

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health risk

a disease precursor associated with a higher than average morbidity or mortality rate. Disease precursors include demographic variables, certain individual behaviors, familial and individual histories, and certain physiological changes.

Patient discussion about health risk

Q. What are the risks of taking Viagra? Are there any risks in taking Viagra in the long term?

A. The US Food and Drug Administration identified 50 men with blindness who have taken Viagra, but who also had diabetes and heart disease, which is known to cause blindness. Therefore, it is not certain if it was caused directly from the Viagra.
The FDA informed healthcare professionals in October, 2007 that drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction, including Viagra, may increase risk of sudden hearing loss.

Q. What is the risk of biabetes if my father got it? My father was recently diagnosed at the age of 55 as having Type 2 Diabetes. Do I have a greater risk of developing diabetes also?

A. Indeed, as a first degree relative of a diabetic patient you have a higher risk of developing diabetes than the average person. The risk of developing diabetes depends on many factors, both genetic and non-genetic (nutrition, weight and exercise). The risk also depends on other relevant conditions you may have (for example hypertension, elevated blood cholesterol or lipid levels).
It should be mentioned, that even for an individual whose parents both have type 2 diabetes, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes isn’t 100% but rather less than 50%.

Q. Regarding risk-factor assessment? Hello, I am……….., I heard ACSM has recently issued a new edition of its exercise guidelines. Were any changes made regarding risk-factor assessment?

A. Are you fitness professional? I understand that you are very much interested in food guidelines. It can be difficult to keep up with the latest guidelines and standards. This is particularly true this year, which has seen new USDA Food Guidelines in January, a revised Food Pyramid in May and, most recently, the release of the 7th edition of ACSM’s Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription. The good news is that the ACSM risk factors have been minimally revised. For your reference, here is a summary of what has and has not changed for the 2006 edition.

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In conjunction, the US FDA will create a class II exemption for the company's equivalent reports, opening a pathway to release additional genetic health risk reports.
Dr Huda will be a headline speaker at the eighth annual HSE Forum in Energy, taking place from October 8 to 10 at the Doha Grand Hyatt Hotel, where she will address delegates on the importance of bridging the gaps between the health and energy sectors to prevent and reduce associated public health risks in the Gulf region.
Dr Huda will be a headline speaker at the 8th Annual HSE Forum in Energy, taking place from 8-10 October at the Doha Grand Hyatt Hotel, where she will address delegates on the importance of bridging the gaps between the health and energy sectors to prevent and reduce associated public health risks in the Gulf region.
Treated waste water is used for irrigation and surpluses can be injected into the underground reservoir, but first we need to assess the health risks," said Arabian Gulf University academic affairs vice-president Professor Waleed Al Zubari on the sidelines of a preparatory workshop.
The AQHI is designed to give you this information in one place along with some suggestions on how you might adjust your activity levels depending on your individual health risk from air pollution.
Specifically, individuals who took a health risk assessment and also participated in one other wellness program component--such as telephone-based lifestyle management counseling or onsite medical screenings--saw their annual health care costs drop by an average of $442.
While unpleasant, the taste and odor issues are naturally occurring and pose no health risks.
Not only does recognizing that obesity is a health risk not weaken the HAAS movement, it strengthens it.
Because the thoughts of susceptibility and severity tend to arouse fear and anxiety, health risk messages hold the potential to engender adverse reactions in which individuals defensively deny the health threat or engage in more risky behavior (i.
In response to growing public concern of possible health risks regarding mold and other environmental issues, AKAM Associates, Inc.
But the report did not evoke much concern from those who have been studying the chemical for many years and are satisfied that there is no human health risk.

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