health physics

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health physics

The scientific discipline devoted to the establishment and promotion of radiation safety. See the website of the Health Physics Society,
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Q. how does physical training, as lifting weight effects your body?

A. It increases the mass of the trained muscles, so you may gain weight, but the percentage of fat decreases. It also makes the body spend more calories after the exercise and during rest (although this effect m may be more subtle than once was thought to be).

Weight lifting may also improve your ability to control your muscles, standing and gait.

You should know that there's a fundamental difference between aerobic exercise (e.g. running, swimming) and anaerobic exercise (e.g. weight lifting). While the first improves mainly the heart, the latter affects mainly the exercised muscles

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Q. Are there any other physical aspects of depression? I’m William, 55 years, male. I’m suffering from depression and on medication for a long period. I wish to know is there any chance for me to get heart disease? Are there any other physical aspects of depression?

A. Cardiovascular disease comes with poor diet and exercise. That can arise as a result of not taking your self because of depression. Its not easy to make yourself get up and do something physical. Its not easy to eat properly all the time.

On the flip side its real easy to lay around and do nothing and watch TV and not get involved in anything. Its real easy to stuff yourself on bad foods and drink. Its real easy to avoid the things that lead to good health. Weight gain can result in type 2 diabetes. All this can lead to a stroke or heart attack or death.

You get to decide which side of the flip you want to land on. You are stuck with whatever consequences that gives you.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has a twelve step process of recovery. Those twelve steps would help a depressive person recover. Just substitute the word depression for alcohol in the AA twelve steps. Those twelve steps are easy to find out about. Just do a simple internet search. I am a recovering alcoholic. I a

Q. what causes physical exhaustion

A. Many things may cause weakness, depending on the specific characteristics of the individual and the situation. Heart diseases (stable angina) may cause weakness, as well as anemia, metabolic disorders (potassium abnormalities etc.). Other situations such as chronic diseases may also cause weakness.

However, I'm not very keen on diagnosing things over the net, so consulting a professional (e.g. a doctor) may be wise.
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When not performing health physics missions, they were engaged in standard preventive medicine technician duties such as sanitation inspections and water quality monitoring.
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The company immediately hired Randall Thompson to serve as the health physics technician in charge of monitoring radioactive emissions, while Joy Thompson got a job monitoring radiation doses to TMI workers.
For Nelson, an environmental health science researcher could be, for example, a toxicologist who is familiar with the techniques and current issues in environmental epidemiology and some health physics, and could understand a seminar on exposure assessment.
Another of the Wisconsin Technical colleges, Lakeshore Technical College (LTC), offers associate degree programs for environmental haz-mat specialists and health physics technicians.
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The material applies to any field that measures radiation, including nuclear medicine, health physics, and occupational safety as well as the physical sciences.
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