health outcome

health outcome

Health care industry An outcome or result of a medical condition that directly affects the length or quality of a person's life
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Q. Which of the diseases are possible outcome of inactivity? what may be the good effect of activity and adverse effect of inactivity on the person’s health. Which of the diseases are possible outcome of inactivity?

A. being lazy affect every aspect and every system in our body. from the central nervous system to kidney and urinary system. obesity is caused most of the times due to laziness, and that leads to heart, musculo-skeletal problems and even cancer.

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We developed this paper because PHA recognizes the tremendous opportunity of pairing social interventions with health improvement strategies to improve population health outcome."
The authors then plotted each state's number of restrictions against a wellness score for women and children, based on a "broad perspective" evaluation of health outcome statistics and the number of state policies the authors deemed "supportive" of those outcomes.
Wagstaff (12) pointed out that when the health outcome is binary, such as obesity and hypertension, and for large samples, the bounds of the concentration index are equal to p-1 and 1-p, respectively, where p is the proportion of outcome variable.
Unlike the three other health outcome measures, these estimates are not available for subpopulations within counties.
From each study, data were coded for the following variables: health outcome, sex, average age of sample, type of abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, neglect), method used to assess abuse (self-report or objective method), and method used to assess health outcome (self-report or objective method).
Of these studies, 75 percent reported that more time spent with media was associated with a negative health outcome while 20 percent found no statistically significant association.
The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences developed a children's health research agenda to explore the relationship between timing of exposure, stage of development and health outcome. It established, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an assessment project to define endocrine disrupting compounds in the U.S.
--tracking of various cost and health outcome measures through claims and other administrative data sources through 1 year following enrollment for each participant, and
They also consider the strength of evidence that interventions can improve health outcome. An example is a standard, adopted by many managed-care organizations, for using beta-adrenergic blockers in survivors of myocardial infarction.
General relationships between the environment and health outcome data could be observed, and suggestions made for follow-up analyses and studies.
Fraser found that the approach used by Statistics Canada to ensure the quality of vital statistics, cancer data, health outcome data and health survey information is sound.
While it has received FDA approval, the FDA evaluated it on the basis of an intermediate health outcome, rather than a final health outcome of long-term freedom from joint pain or lack of disease progression.

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