health outcome

health outcome

Health care industry An outcome or result of a medical condition that directly affects the length or quality of a person's life

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Q. Which of the diseases are possible outcome of inactivity? what may be the good effect of activity and adverse effect of inactivity on the person’s health. Which of the diseases are possible outcome of inactivity?

A. being lazy affect every aspect and every system in our body. from the central nervous system to kidney and urinary system. obesity is caused most of the times due to laziness, and that leads to heart, musculo-skeletal problems and even cancer.

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Health Outcomes Liaisons Excellence: How the HOL Function Drives Value Across the Healthcare Industry" is a new, 63-page study that probes the structure, resources and activities of Health Outcome Liaisons (HOL) programs at leading organizations.
These multidisciplinary projects generally draw from many resources to arrive at comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted dynamics at work in populations suffering health outcome disparities--including negative aspects of the built environment.
On the basis of Scorecard's list of substances, related broad health categories, and the literature review, we analyzed available health outcome data at the national level for selected end points to identify those with high or increasing prevalence or those responsible for heavy utilization of health care.
and ODIS, LLC to expand its portfolio of services to include data collection and reporting for health outcome studies, such as Health Risk Assessments and HEDIS(R), in addition to a proprietary information technology solution to manage and analyze the outcomes information.
The reporting of a health outcome may vary between geographic regions and over time.
If misclassification of exposure is nondifferential in terms of the health outcome, the effect is generally to bias risk estimates toward the null, thus potentially missing true associations (Copeland et al.
An assessment of child lead-screening programs reveals a critical issue in the use of health outcome data to screen for risk and develop community profiles: Some environmental data have clearer links to public health than do others.
While it has received FDA approval, the FDA evaluated it on the basis of an intermediate health outcome, rather than a final health outcome of long-term freedom from joint pain or lack of disease progression.
In addition to the negative health outcome with increased media exposure, 46 of the 173 studies evaluated exposure to specific media content - such as scenes with smoking.
From each study, data were coded for the following variables: health outcome, sex, average age of sample, type of abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, neglect), method used to assess abuse (self-report or objective method), and method used to assess health outcome (self-report or objective method).
They also consider the strength of evidence that interventions can improve health outcome.
a global specialty pharmaceutical and medical device company, are offering two appointments to the Specialized Summer Internship Program in Health Outcomes over a ten-week period from May to August 2007.

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